Juicing with Blueberries

Juicing berries can be a difficult task for a couple of reasons. First most berries are pretty small and relatively expensive most times of the year which makes it hard to produce enough juice to quench your thirst. You also never know where your berries are coming from when you purchase them at the store, therefore each batch you but could vary in sweetness quite a bit.

One huge benefit of juicing berries instead of buying juice from the store is that you control how much sugar goes into the mixture. Most store bought juices have tons of sugar and hardly any natural fruit juice. Natural juices retain most of the healthy qualities of the berries while providing a delicious sweet treat! Here are three tips and benefits of juicing blueberries.

Blueberry juice the same day you juice it

A lot of times it is really convenient to juice the night before so you don’t have to take time throughout the day to continually juice, especially when on a juice only diet. There is a warning when making juice with blueberries. Be careful not to include blueberries in your juice if you are preparing it the night before. Blueberries are filled with pectin which turns the juice into a gross goo if it sits over night.

How to pick the perfect blueberries in the store or in the field

Be especially careful when shopping for blueberries at the store to avoid blueberries with white fuzz growing on them. These berries are especially susceptible to white fuzzy mold that grows on them and sometimes is hard to spot in bigger containers. Avoid berries that are shriveled because shriveled berries are a sure sign of age. You should select berries that are nice, plump, and firm. Wild berries may taste richer but studies show they have no higher concentration of anti oxidants than store bought berries.

Phytochemicals and Antioxidants

At first blueberries weren’t looked at as a very good fruit because they lacked a lot of vitamins and minerals that other fruits could provide plenty of. After further studies though a man name Jim Joseph’s did some research and found out that blueberries were actually bursting with phytochemicals and antioxidants. These little “anti aging” berries have the capacity to slow down aging especially aging of the brain. Certain chemicals in fruits have these extremely healthy qualities, we call these chemicals phytochemicals. Most fruits only have three or four of these phytochemicals, but blueberries have as many as twenty-five or even thirty! These chemicals act as antioxidants which is what prevents aging. Another way our cells can age or deteriorate is from heavy particle radiation. Blueberries antioxidant benefits have the capacity to even protect us from harmful radiation. In conclusion these little berries have some awesome health benefits, and are a great fruit to include in juice or a smoothie. Especially if you can juice the berries and consume them in the same day, add these little blue berries to stay young!

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