Juicing with Strawberries

Strawberries are probably one of the best known and one of the most loved strawberries of the world. Even in medieval times they were popular, although back then they were given in a soup to newlyweds on their first night of marriage believed to have strong aphrodisiacal effects. No matter your reason for eating strawberries they are packed full of vitamins and minerals that keep us young and healthy. These delicious red berries are probably the biggest berry in the berry family, so juicing these isn’t as hard as other smaller berries. Here are a couple of health benefits from including strawberry juice in your smoothies are juice.

Boosts your Immune System

Strawberries contain surprisingly high contents of vitamin C, just one cup of these little berries contains somewhere around 150% of your daily need for vitamin C. Why is this a good thing? Well first of all Vitamin C is found in really high concentrations in your immune cells, and when you get sick it is absorbed quickly to aide in the process. It also protects from getting scurvy, a disease that isn’t all that rampant or common these days. Vitamin C also can act as an antioxidant in the body.

Decrease the risk of Cancer

Ellagic Acid is an extremely powerful antioxidant phytochemical that has some pretty cool cancer fighting properties. The science behind free radicals and oxidizing cells is pretty complicated but the free radicals that come from this process are harmful to the body. They not only age your body but they can destroy cells and cause cancer. This anti oxidant, ellagic acid, actually stops the development or growth of cancer cells. This anti oxidant isn’t the only cancer fighting antioxidant in strawberries, there are several others that have proven the same success.

Promotes a healthy heart

There are two minerals found in strawberries to aid in a healthy heart, they are magnesium and potassium. You have a lot of muscles and arteries in your heart that are responsible for getting blood out to the rest of your body. When these are not working, some serious problems arise. Magnesium and potassium help those muscles and arteries to contract and relax the way that they should. This helps your body regulate a healthy blood pressure, which in turn reduces your chance of getting a heart attack or other heart related problem.

Help strengthen tissue and heal wounds

Your skin contains many different things that keep it together and allows it to heal and do its job. One of the major components of your skin is called collagen. Your body is constantly producing this stuff to replace skin when it dies and strawberries contain tons of Vitamin C which really increases your collagen production. This production of collagen not only keeps your skin healthy and strong, it can actually help prevent the skin from tearing. Manganese is a mineral that also really helps with collagen production and strawberries contain about half of your daily intake of manganese.

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