Diet Smoothie Recipes Cookbook

FLAVORFUL SMOOTHIES I : DIET SMOOTHIE RECIPES offers recipes that focus on on vegetable and fruit smoothies, mostly green smoothies, that are filling but low on calories! No sugar added!. This cookbook contains easy to follow recipes and lots of high resolution photos, offering all the delicious flavors of exciting smoothies that will be yours to savor.

The recipes feature fresh, healthy food ingredients.

Some of the recipe selections include:

Vegetable Based Smoothies: Spinach Smoothie with Almond, Chai Tea Smoothie with Honey, Broccoli Smoothie with Herbs

Fruit Based Smoothies: Avocado Smoothie with Yogurt, Kiwi Smoothie with Pineapple, Orange Smoothie with Soy Milk, Lemon Smoothie with Honey

This cookbook also includes:

Detailed, easy to follow instructions for each recipe.
Lots of high quality professional photographs.
All of the recipes are in both USA Standard (teaspoon, cup, ounces, etc.) and also in metric weights (milliliter, grams, etc.).
All of the recipes include calorie counts.

This book is one of a series on how to create great smoothies from Flavorful Apps™.

ISBN: 978-1-941354-09-4