Mediterranean Diet Recipes : Advanced Cookbook

MEDITERRANEAN DIET RECIPES II : ADVANCED COOKBOOK offers recipes that focus on hearty meat and pasta entrees as well as regional specialties for the Mediterranean Diet. This cookbook contains easy to follow recipes and lots of high resolution photos, offering all the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean that will be yours to savor. The recipes feature fresh, healthy food ingredients. The Mediterranean Diet allows you to create tasty meals with fewer carbohydrates and fats, but that are full of nutrients and vitamins.

Some of the recipe selections include:

Meat courses: Grilled chicken breast, lamb roast, pork tenderloin with herbs, salmon with lentils and many more.

Pasta courses: Green pasta with spinach, pasta with salmon, pasta with clams and others.

Regional favorites: Cypriot halloumi cheese, Greek bruschetta with feta, Italian risotto with herbs and more.

This cookbook also includes:

Detailed, easy to follow instructions for each recipe.
Lots of high quality professional photographs.
All of the recipes are in both USA Standard (teaspoon, cup, ounces, etc.) and also in metric weights (milliliter, grams, etc.).
All of the recipes include calorie counts.

This book is one of a seven book series outlining the Mediterranean Diet from Flavorful Apps™.

 ISBN: 978-1-941354-02-5

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