Types of Bread

Bread is a universal staple across the world in anybody’s diet. As simple as it seems bread is not always the same across the world. You can include bread with pretty much any meal, there are so many different types of bread.

It is definitely good to know your way around the bread aisle though to make sure you get the proper bread for the food you have prepared. Bread is a commodity that is relatively cheap, therefore it is an easy food to include in every meal. There are several different types of bread to know about when trying to decide which kind to use with your meal. Here are four to start out with.

White Bread

By far this is the most common type of bread. The thing that sets white bread apart from other kinds of bread is that the wheat flour includes just the main part of the grain which is called the endosperm. This type of bread is a great compliment to any type of food you are eating which makes it extremely versatile. Depending on how long you cook it and what else you add to the dough will determine how hard or soft the bread is. You can also very easily flavor your bread with seeds, herbs or a combination of the two.

Multi-grain Bread

Multi-grain bread is much of what it sounds; it’s a combination of different types of whole meal, white flour, and rye flour. You can split this type of bread up into two main categories or types, namely light and dark. This type of bread is becoming more and more popular because of its nutritious benefits. There are so many different constituents you can add to the bread to make it more flavorful or give it a different texture. Multi-grain bread is great if you like to try new cheeses, the many flavors in the bread compliment most all cheeses.

Sourdough Bread

This type of bread has a little denser texture than most other breads. As the name states, the flavor of the bread has a little bit more of a sour taste so make sure you like the flavor before incorporating it into things like pizza and sandwich rolls. You have to use a starter for the bread which is simply a mixture of water and flour with very little yeast. The reason you make a starter is to allow it to ferment which in turn creates a gas and acid that leavens the bread and gives it the sour flavor.

Flat Bread

Flat breads have been around for a very long time, said to be the oldest bread ever made by people. It’s a very simple bread, the dough only has about three ingredients; flour, water, and salt. Wheat is the preferred flour for flat bread but you could use other things like barley, millet, corn, oats ect. A common flat bread is pita, great for filling it with your favorite meats and veggies.